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Archive | March, 2014

A Fitting Conclusion To A Legendary Career

Rick Hoyt and Dick Hoyt, simply put, are legends. When Rick Hoyt was born, he had cerebral palsy, and the doctors told Rick’s parents that he would be a vegetable; they advised that Rick should be put in an institution and should remain there from that point forward. Dick, however, would not accept this answer. […]

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A Snowboarder Lifting The Hopes Of A Nation

You may not know the name Ben Tudhope, but if you pay any attention to the Winter Olympics, you probably know the name Shaun White. And this last winter, at the Paralympic Winter Games, Ben Tudhope did something Shaun White himself has never yet done: he took on the snowboard cross event. And while competing […]

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Skiing Toward The Possibilities In The Future

At the age of 10, Nicholas Gelinas was already at the height of his love for downhill skiing. He often flew down the mountain faster than any other skiers around him, and he made it a point to get out on the mountain as often as he could. For any young child, it is great […]

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