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Archive | April, 2014

A Story of Two People Simply in Love

When Natasha McAllister was born, she was clinically dead. At a time when most parents would be rejoicing at the birth of their child, Natasha’s parents were left hoping that the doctors could revive her. Not long after that, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and she has spent a large chunk of her life […]

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The Playground of Their Dreams

Unless you have a disability yourself, or have a child who has a disability, one thing you probably do not think about too often is the fact that playgrounds (as in, the sorts of playgrounds kids go to in order to let out their energy and have fun….as in, one of the things most kids […]

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Moving Toward The Future Of Her Dreams

If there is one thing you could say Carli Ziegler is known for, it would have to be the tremendous attitude she is able to keep no matter what is facing her in her life. And when you consider all the things that face her, it makes her tremendous attitude that much more impressive. Carli […]

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