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Archive | July, 2014

Ten Meters To Glory

Last year, Donna Owen participated in a race in her electric wheelchair in order to help raise money for charity. This year, she did the same thing again…except that this time she decided to stop her wheelchair about 10 meters from the finish line and walk the rest of the way. If this sounds like […]

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‘The Hammer’ – A Quickly-Growing Legend

A few years ago, if you read the word “CrossFit,” you would probably have nothing more than a guess as to what it was. Now, however, CrossFit has become one of the most popular (and – from those who participate in it – most loved!) workout systems in the United States, and there is a […]

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Cruising On A New Set Of Wheels

Chris Brandt is a warrior. Those who know him applaud his indomitable spirit, his drive to chase life to the fullest, and his incredible desire to accomplish things that others in his position would never even dream of attempting to accomplish. The next task on his plate? A 250 mile bike ride! Chris – who […]

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