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Archive | August, 2014

Hard Work, Dedication, and a Willingness to Never Give Up

The road to the “next level” of any sport is always a hard one. In order to go from playing in middle school to playing in high school, or to go from playing in high school to playing in college, and especially to go from playing in college to playing in the pros, you need […]

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A Picture: Worth A Thousand Words, But There’s More to the Story

You may have seen it before; many people have, after all, as it is a picture that has gained national attention on multiple occasions over the last couple years. In the picture, a teenager with cerebral palsy is pictured sitting in a roller pack along with his father, in front of the Delicate Arch in […]

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Leading a Full Life and Living Up To Her Potential

Surely, you’ve heard it said before: “Life is not easy.” Sadly, it is something that is said far too often, by far too many people – but one person you will never hear this from is 17-year-old Taylor Scruggs. That is: 17-year-old high school graduate Taylor Scruggs. Recently, Taylor walked across the stage at A&M […]

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