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Archive | February, 2015

Father Writes Kids’ Series Inspired by Son with Cerebral Palsy

Everyone, young and old, likes to see him- or herself reflected in fiction. Especially for children and for communities that can otherwise feel marginalized, seeing a positive reflection of themselves and their experiences in a story can be empowering. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough examples of this in popular literature however, so one father decided to […]

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British Family’s National Lottery Win to Improve Life for Their Daughters

No one is more surprised than the Lawtons, a couple from Withernsea, England, at their sudden good fortune. After 30 years of hard work and periods of money struggles, Paul and Debbie Lawton have just won £7 million in the National Lottery. Life will never be the same, for them or for their three daughters […]

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Northeastern’s Basketball Team Welcomes Teen with Cerebral Palsy

For many people with cerebral palsy, playing team sports is unfortunately not possible. Due to mobility and muscle control difficulties, those with more severe cerebral palsy are often unable to experience the joys and rewards of playing a game like basketball themselves. For one teen in Boston, however, this is no longer strictly true, thanks […]

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