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Archive | March, 2015

Student Filmmaker with Cerebral Palsy Honored by White House

For two years now, the White House and President Barack Obama have honored student filmmakers across the country at the White House Student Film Festival. Together with the American Film Institute, the White House picks just 15 short films from among a group of over 1,500. The topics are wide ranging but must focus on […]

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Baseball Team Goes to Bat for Manager with Cerebral Palsy

Maddy Beardsley of Virginia Beach, VA has been manager and statistics keeper of her high school baseball team since her freshman year. The 16 year old cannot play baseball herself because she uses a wheelchair due to her cerebral palsy. That doesn’t affect her love of the sport, however, so she decided to be as […]

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Grandfather Starts Cerebral Palsy Charity Inspired by his Grandson

As a doctor, Moss Taylor saw plenty of illness and disability during his 22 years practicing medicine in Sheringham, England. But it wasn’t until his grandson Leo was born that he felt the full emotional impact of having a child with a disorder like cerebral palsy. As he watched his three-year-old grandson struggle with speech […]

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