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Archive | June, 2015

College Student with Cerebral Palsy Finally Getting her Service Dog

Presley Teigue has had spastic triplegia, a type of cerebral palsy, since birth, so she is used to dealing with the many mobility challenges it creates. However, as the Alexis, NC girl has grown up, there have been times when she wished she could have had the assistance of a trained service dog to navigate […]

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Working Out Proves Life-changing for Man with Cerebral Palsy

Eric Birnie isn’t looking to be inspirational. He just considers himself a man who is trying to make the most of the life he has and the circumstances he’s in. However, it is difficult not to be inspired by his story because Eric himself is such a wonderful example of how far you can get […]

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Woman with Cerebral Palsy Fulfills Dream to Compete in the Paralympics

Each year, many children who are diagnosed with cerebral palsy are given very negative prognoses. Often their parents are told to limit their expectations and give up on their child having any type of “normal” life. But for each child who receives such a prognosis, there is a story of a child exceeding those low […]

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