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Archive | July, 2015

Man with Cerebral Palsy Gets Around More Easily Thanks to Cop

When you use a wheelchair, there are certain seemingly small things that are more difficult for you to do. Some things are actually rendered impossible because you cannot get out of your chair. One such example is pressing the button at a crosswalk; usually wheelchair seats are too low for the person in them to […]

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Students’ Invention Set to Change Lives of Children with Cerebral Palsy

An invention by two Massachusetts high school students may soon make the lives of children coping with cerebral palsy much easier. Amit Nir, a senior, and Stefano Pagani, a freshman, worked with coach Rosie Weinberg at NuVu Studio to create a new type of wheelchair that can be adjusted as a child grows and is […]

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Barber Fundraises for Friend with Cerebral Palsy

Although theirs began as a typical customer/barber relationship, Devon Weber and Gabriel Gonzales have become friends over the past several years. The Rio Rancho, NM men met five years ago when Devon was still in high school and his mother brought him to the Taj Salon and Barber Shop in Albuquerque for a haircut, and […]

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