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Archive | February, 2016

Shriners Children’s Hospitals Screen for Free Medical Care in CA

At the end of January, a special event took place in Yucca Valley, CA: the Shriners Children’s Hospital held a screening of local children to determine who qualified for their program of free medical care. Held at a Masonic Lodge, doctors and nurses from Shriners showed up to talk to children with cerebral palsy, among […]

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Iowa Boy to Attend Luke Bryan Concert Thanks to Viral Video

Joseph, a third grader from Mason City, Iowa, loves country music, especially the songs of his favorite singer, Luke Bryan. That’s why he made a video with the help of his teachers when he found out that Luke will be playing at the UNI Dome at the end of February, asking Luke to come and […]

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Boy with Cerebral Palsy to Get Dog Thanks to Donors’ Generosity

Most little boys would be thrilled to hear they’re getting a dog for their next birthday. But for four-year-old Andrew Tunstall, this dog will be more than a best friend and cuddly companion. Having a properly trained service dog is potentially a matter of life and death for the Arizona boy, who has cerebral palsy […]

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