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Archive | December, 2012

An Artist

Typically, a person who is heavily engaged in painting – especially, if this person has made several thousand dollars selling their work, and has had paintings hung in well-known buildings – would tell you that they never feel more comfortable than when they have a paintbrush in their hand. For Luke Walker, however, holding a […]

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A Selfish, Corporate Decision – Conquered By A Generous, Individual Act

When a giant chain store hits hard times, most people do not think much about it – at least, not beyond some cursory nostalgia that brings back memories of, say, visiting that store with their parents or grandparents years earlier, or bringing their own children or grandchildren there to do some shopping together. When the […]

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Kyle Kauffman: From Team Manager To Starter

If someone were to tell you about a college student who was more in love with soccer – and was more committed to soccer – than anyone else he went to school with, a college student who watched film like a coach and was always the first one at practice and the last one to […]

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