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Archive | November, 2013

Naomi’s Love of KITT

When David Hasselhoff played the role of a special agent in the 1980s television series “Knight Rider,” in which he was assisted by the technically advanced Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), he surely never imagined he or his role – or the show itself, or especially the car that was used as KITT (a modified […]

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Beating The Odds – And Taking On The World

For many people, a free trip to Brazil would be something worth getting excited about. On top of that, a free trip to Brazil to participate in the lead-up to next summer’s World Cup would be even more exciting. For 16-year-old Giles Moore from Horton in the UK, however, getting the opportunity to travel to […]

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A Victory for Gavin

One of the most difficult things for many young people with cerebral palsy or other disabilities to deal with is the limitations that keep them from doing the same things other kids are doing. For many such kids, their interests do not always align with their ability to engage in these interests, and this can […]

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