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Archive | December, 2013

Celebrity Chef Helps those in Train Derailment

If you are enjoy watching cooking and cooking-related shows on television, you probably know the name and face of Steven Ciccone, a celebrity pastry chef from New York City. What you may not have heard about just yet, however, is his latest exploit – one that did not take place in the kitchen, but that […]

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A Pool and a Service Dog for a Girl with Cerebral Palsy

Not long ago, the Ty and Rachel Miller made a big change in their life – deciding to move away from the hustle and bustle of Chicago, and to instead move to the smaller town of La Porte, Indiana. They thought that maybe the slower pace of life and the quieter surroundings would be good […]

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Young Man with Cerebral Palsy Follows His Dreams

There is probably no musician who overcame more on their way to greatness than Beethoven, who of course was deaf during the later portions of his illustrious career. Zachary Cortez – a 22-year-old who attends South Texas College – is perhaps trying to give Beethoven a run for his money. When Cortez was born, he […]

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