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Archive | June, 2014

A Lesson In The Joy Of Community

In a schoolyard culture that has too often been defined by bullying and adolescent strife, one middle-school race has demonstrated the joy experienced when students and teachers unite to support one another. Up front, it might not look like anything out of the ordinary. Just another 400-meter race during a field day in physical education […]

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Does Regular Horseback Riding Have More Benefits for People with Disabilities than Researchers Realize?

Many people with disabilities experience positive changes in their lives after regularly riding or training with horses (also called “hippotherapy” or “equine therapy”). In the world of horseback riding for people with significant disabilities, there are two major categories of riding: therapeutic riding, which allows the disabled more freedom, and hippotherapy, which is more precise […]

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What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy (or CP) refers to a group of neurological disorders which impacts muscle coordination and/or disabilities.

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