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Archive | August, 2014

The United Cerebral Palsy’s Adult Day Program In Thousand Oaks Brings Awareness, And Changes Perspectives

One of the biggest issues that faces our society – in the present, and in the future – is a lack of sensitivity toward those who are afflicted by problems different or more visually apparent than our own (after all, it’s no secret that every person alive has problems of one sort or another – […]

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Think a Triathlon Would Be Difficult? Imagine Doing What This Amazing Eight-Year-Old Does!

Typically, when you think of ESPN, you think of tuning in to see the greatest athletes in the world, participating in competitions against fellow athletes on the same level as them. Furthermore, you imagine all of these athletes being adults – full-grown men and women who are veritable physical specimens, and whose athletic prowess and […]

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Jasper Lindsay Walks Across The Stage At Graduation – In Spite Of Cerebral Palsy

It was a day to celebrate great accomplishments. On this day, 365 students became part of the inaugural graduating class from Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and stepped into the next stage of their lives. On this day, Priyanka Menon addressed her fellow classmates en masse – the last opportunity she would have […]

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