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Archive | September, 2014

Not A Race, But A Winner Nonetheless

Every year, Jill Rogitz and Tom Esposito – the physical education teacher and art teacher, respectively, at Sandy Grove Elementary in Lumber Bridge, North Carolina – put on the Sandy Grove Elementary Family Fun Ride, a four-mile bicycle ride through the town to help encourage physical activity, to bring families together, and to introduce a […]

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“Flying” – More Than Just A Song; An Inspiration To Many

This was no ordinary songwriting contest. After all, it was connected to NASA (yes, a songwriting contest connected to NASA – as part of their Optimus Prime Awards with the Rocket21.com contests, where NASA gives young people an opportunity to connect with professionals in fields of interest to them, and to enter contests in these […]

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A Different Kind Of Pageant Queen Than You’ve Ever Seen Before

As any pageant queen can tell you, it is one of the most nerve racking moments: your turn to state your platform. You need to come across as confident and knowledgeable, but not arrogant; you need to be eloquent and composed; you need to convince others of what you are already convinced of yourself. Yes, […]

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