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Archive | November, 2014

Teens with Cerebral Palsy Have a High Quality of Life

Surveys. We see them all the time, and oftentimes we dismiss them entirely. We fail to think about the true value of surveys – fail to realize and/or acknowledge, that is, that a well-conducted survey can actually provide us with extremely valuable information…information that can help us understand the world better, and can help us […]

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A Touchdown for the Ages

If you ask most football players – at just about any level, regardless of whether they are playing at the peewee football level, at the high school level, at the college level, or even at the professional level – they will tell you that their least favorite part of the week is practice. Generally speaking, […]

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A Couple with Cerebral Palsy get the Wedding of their Dreams

Most young women grow up thinking of their dream wedding – imagining what the perfect dress will look like, how the venue will appear on that perfect day, and how everything will be magical when that day comes. These young women dream of a great man coming along and sweeping them off their feet, and […]

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