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Archive | December, 2014

Christmas Wish Comes True Early for Boy with Cerebral Palsy

Four-year-old Blake Tummer is fascinated by fire fighters. He loves to make siren noises and has an interest in following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather and grandfather, who were both emergency service workers. But Blake has a global development delay due to his cerebral palsy, making a future career as a firefighter unlikely. That […]

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Wrestling Video Goes Viral for Boy with Cerebral Palsy

Ty Pennington has been wrestling for four years, but the 10 year old from Onaga, KS, never expected to get this far. As a result of his premature birth, Ty is blind and has mild cerebral palsy. His passion for wrestling is great enough to outweigh these challenges, however, and Ty has always been excited […]

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A Boy with Cerebral Palsy – And His Journey to the Marching Band

If you know a young person with cerebral palsy, one thing that you are certainly aware of is that “inclusion” is one of the most important things for one such young person to experience. After all, one of the main things just about any young person desires is to feel as though they belong – […]

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