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Archive | April, 2015

Remembering Those Lazy Teenage Years…

If you have a teenager at home (or, heck, if you have ever even been a teenager yourself), one thing you probably know, quite well, is that most teenagers will look for any and every excuse available to not do the things they should be doing, to push off responsibilities until later, and to look […]

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Riding To Recovery

When you watch bicycle races on television – that is, if you watch them and really think about them – you will probably find yourself thinking that what these riders are doing does not look all that hard. After all, the momentum of the bicycle itself is often doing most of the work, it seems, […]

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Teagan O’Grady: Future Firefighter

Teagan O’Grady is six years old, and if you were to ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he would tell you that he wants to play basketball and football when he gets older, but what he wants to do for a living is become a firefighter. And if Teagan were […]

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