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Archive | May, 2015

Doctors Helping Patients; Patients Helping Doctors

If you pay close attention to stories from around the world of individuals raising money to receive top-notch surgeries to help them with their cerebral palsy, you will notice that many of these stories lead to the same place: St. Louis. St. Louis has some of the best doctors in the world for the sort […]

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Walking Across The Graduation Stage – An Accomplishment All Its Own

This year, 2,600 students are graduating from the University of Texas at El Paso – and attending the ceremony would probably make all of them pretty much look the same (all of them, that is, except the individual you came to watch graduate, of course). But if you were to know the stories of the […]

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Another Lap Around The Track

High schoolers helping out at field day for a group of middle schoolers: it could be an organizational mess with its fair share of disasters. It could be a situation wherein teachers had to look after two groups of children, instead of looking after only one. Instead, it was an opportunity for a spontaneous, charitable […]

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