A Comprehensive Cerebral Palsy Resource
Archive | August, 2015

A Community Bringing Families Together

Don Weaver suffers from cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. He is also unable to travel. In fact, Don’s condition worsened to a point where, several years ago, he needed to be moved to the Signature HealthCARE nursing home in his home city of Houston, Texas. Of course, for many people, having to […]

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Changing The On-Screen Perception Of People With Disabilities

If you pay attention to the goings-on of television at all, one thing you have probably noticed is that there is a lot of buzz around the AMC show Breaking Bad. Not only is the show one of the most critically-acclaimed television offerings of all-time (with numerous Emmys, and with universal acclaim on the website […]

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Chasing A Chance To Play Soccer

Eight years ago, Joseph Hill was born prematurely by emergency caesarean section when his mother, Angela, could no longer feel him moving. Six weeks after that fateful day, Angela and her husband Allan were informed by the hospital that Joseph had suffered brain damage due to lack of oxygen, and it was not long after […]

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