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Archive | October, 2015

The Voice of Dexter High School Football

For many young people with disabilities, one of the main things that stands in their way – when it comes to achieving success in life – is the idea that they are limited in what they can do. After all, their physical limitations often lead them to believe there are also limitations they must deal […]

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Putting Gap Year To Great Use

For young people in the UK, one of the most exciting years of their life is their gap year, during which they have a year between what we in the States would call high school and the start of their time in University. Most young people use this opportunity to travel a bit – to […]

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State Troopers Save Boy With Cerebral Palsy

In the line of duty, there are a lot of things that police officers have to deal with – and this is especially true for state troopers, who often find themselves dealing with some of the most shocking situations. From terrible car wrecks to high-speed chases to drug trafficking and drunk driving, state troopers tend […]

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