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Archive | January, 2016

A Couple Young Girls, And Their Special Birthday Wish

One of the big things people tend to overlook when it comes to young people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy is that, in many ways, these young people are just like everyone else their age. Oftentimes, these young people have the same desires and dreams as others their age that are not dealing with […]

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Looking For Ways to Help Those Around Him

What do you do with your free time? Do you spend it watching television? Do you browse around the Internet, going wherever the next link or article or video or picture takes you? Do you spend your free time hanging out with friends and family, or playing video games, or exercising, or studying, or trying […]

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Moving Toward His Dreams One Day at a Time

There are very few children who know, at the age of six, what they want to do when they grow up. And of that small handful of children who do know at such a young age what they want to be when they are older, there are even fewer that ever end up accomplishing their […]

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