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Archive | February, 2016

Fight to keep Cerebral Palsy Service Animal

If you have ever seen a miniature horse, you know how cute they are. You know, of course, that these horses fail to inspire the same awe that a full-sized horse inspires, and that they are instead more likely to make you wish you could keep them in your pocket…but nevertheless, miniature horses are something […]

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Communicating With The World

When we speak of “communication,” there are a lot of things we can refer to. Of course, more often than not, the word “communication” is used to imply speech, and even at times when this is not the intended implication of the word, it is the inferred meaning taken by those who hear or read […]

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A Wrestler, And An Inspiration

If you know anything about wrestling, you understand that it is a grueling sport. Those who participate in wrestling, even at the high school level, are required to endure intense training and eating regimens, are often asked to run miles on end for training, and are constantly gaining and losing weight for added strength and […]

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