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A Growing Story, And A Growing Influence

There is an old saying, to the effect of, “If you fall down 10 times, get back up 11.” Of course, the spirit of this saying is simply this: No matter how many times you fall down in life – no matter how many trials you face or struggles you go through – your resolve to keep going should exceed even the impact of these trials and struggles. For Nicolas Hamilton, however, this idea is more than just a “saying”; it is, instead, something very real to him and his daily life.

Nicolas deals with cerebral palsy, and in the first post on his new blog, he explained that he may fall down during his normal routine as a result of his cerebral palsy, but he never relies on or asks for help from anyone to get back up each time this happens. Instead, his goal is to lead an independent life, and to inspire others to do the same.

And now, Nicolas’ goals are stretching even farther – and the ways in which he is working to inspire others are stretching farther as well. Currently, Nicolas is working to become the first disabled individual to ever participate in Formula One racing!

Over the last several years, Nicolas has been racing in first the Renault Clio Cup and then the European Touring Car Cup, but he has not yet reached the sport’s highest level of Formula One. In addition to the encouragement and emotional support Nicolas receives from his family, however, he also has an ally in the racing world who helps him move toward the maximization of his potential: his half-brother, Lewis Hamilton, who was the Formula One World Champion in 2008!

Nicolas has said that his goal is to not simply compete in Formula One, but to also inspire others to strive toward their goals – to encourage others to follow their dreams – regardless of their circumstances. Truly, Nicolas Hamilton is an inspiration already, and his influence only continues to grow!