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A Small Act of Generosity

Story written by: carol

If you were to ask Alexus Lasiter – or “Lex,” as she prefers to be called – what her two favorite things are, she would probably tell you, “Horses, and getting mail.” The “horses” side of things is fairly easy to understand; growing up in Grove, Oklahoma, Lex has seen her fair share of horses, and she has always loved everything about them. As for the “getting mail” side of things? Lex had this to say: “I just like wondering what it is.” Every day, Lex watches out of the window of her parents’ house, waiting for the mail lady to come. She has been doing this for years. And then, one day, her dad Bill had an idea.

Bill was active in an online artifact forum, and had become friendly with an art student at the Art Institute of Florida named Travis Barker. Bill decided to ask Travis if he could purchase a drawing from him – a made-to-order drawing…of a horse. He wanted Travis to draw the picture and mail it to Lex, in order for Lex to not only be excited about receiving a piece of mail, but to also be able to open it and find a drawing of a horse!

Travis loved the idea, and after refusing payment, he drew a picture of a horse and mailed it to Lex. Then, he drew another picture of a horse. And another. And so on. He continued mailing these over the next few days!

On the week the first drawing arrived, Lex had already made three trips to the emergency room. She was born with cerebral palsy, and she also suffers from a seizure disorder and from heart problems. Life is not always easy for Lex, but she clings to the little things that make a difference – the little things that make life better…the little things like receiving a drawing in the mail from an art student in Florida – a drawing of a horse, drawn just for her!

As the drawings started showing up in the mail box one day after the next, Lex felt like she had hit the jackpot. But then, things got even better; after a few days of drawings from Travis, a horse drawing from someone else showed up in the mail. Then, the next day, a couple horse drawings from a couple different people showed up. This kept going and going, with different drawings showing up in the mail each day, from different artists around the country! It turns out Travis had not only taken it upon himself to make sure he did what he could to stuff Lex’s mailbox with horse drawings, but he had also started a Facebook group, calling on other artists to do the same! Within weeks, the Facebook group had grown to over 1200 people, and it had reached not only across the United States, but across the pond as well, with artists as far away as England getting involved!

If Lex thought this was the end of it, however, she had no idea what she was in for as the big payoff; after several weeks of these drawings being sent to her from all over the country, Lex was invited to Florida by a woman named Becky Ann Ross, who had rescued a horse named Snickerdoodle. Lex thought she was simply traveling to Florida to meet the horse, but much to her surprise, she was actually traveling there to become the horse’s new owner! The president of Hoof Prints of the Heart in Arizona volunteered to transport Snickerdoodle from Florida to Oklahoma, where the horse now lives – property of Lex Allen!

What started as a small request made to an art student in Florida turned into a small act of generosity. This small act of generosity grew and grew, and as a result, Lex Allen’s life will never be the same!