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A Young Girl Chasing Her Dreams

Story written by: carol

Let’s face it: Being a child is not always easy. Every single one of us has been there ourselves, and all of us can probably point to several instances in our own lives that highlight just how true this is. But one of the things about being a child that makes things more difficult than anything else is the simple fact that, when you are a kid, it is rarely considered “cool” to be “different.” Of course, each and every one of us is different – each of us is unique, which is part of what makes the world such a wonderful place – but among children, it can often be difficult to recognize the manner in which our uniqueness’s make us special. As such, being a child with something such as cerebral palsy – something that makes you stand out as noticeably “different” – can make being a child even more challenging than it would otherwise be. This is something that eight-year-old Sarah-Jayne Allen has been dealing with for the last three years, ever since she was diagnosed with a mild form of cerebral palsy that affects her balance and her ability to walk. In spite of being provided with a name for the thing that made her different from those around her, however, Sarah-Jayne never let her diagnosis change her!

From as early in her life as she can remember, Sarah-Jayne has loved being in the spotlight. She has spent time learning dance and acting, and even recently had the opportunity to star as Dorothy during the arts community showcase in her area. This dream of making appearances in the spotlight was something she carried with her before her diagnosis, and it is something she has continued to carry with her since her diagnosis! But her biggest breakthrough in this area has come in recent months – and it is an impressive accomplishment indeed!

A few months back, a family friend of the Allens took pictures of Sarah-Jayne for her parents, and after looking at the pictures, the three of them – Sarah-Jayne’s parents Amanda and Dennis, and their friend Declan Burke – realized just how great Sarah-Jayne looked in pictures. They decided right then to pursue the idea of landing a modeling contract for Sarah-Jayne…and it was not long before she not only landed one modeling contract, but – in fact – landed two modeling contracts!

Sarah-Jayne has since started taking trips to London on a regular basis for photo shoots and related modeling work. She has been taking her schoolwork with her and keeping up with her studies while also learning the ropes in this exciting new world!

Sarah-Jayne may be a bit “different” from her peers, but she never let this stand in her way or stop her from accomplishing the things she set out to accomplish!