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A Young Man with Cerebral Palsy gets a Room with a View

Story written by: carol

You’ve probably been inside a pediatric dentist’s office before, at one point or another, and may even have noticed that most of these dental offices have ceilings designed to be captivating and entertaining to children forced to sit for an extended period of time in a reclined position. While you may have noticed this, however, it is unlikely you have ever paused to wonder who is actually hired to take on such a job – and if you did pause to wonder this, it is unlikely that you realized there are people who build pediatric dentist offices for a living!

David Nolan is the president of Imagine Dental Solutions, and one of the main things his company does is (you guessed it!) build pediatric dental offices. This is something that David and his team enjoys, but David was recently approached by the Make A Wish foundation about a job that was even more exciting to him than his normal task of building a new pediatric dental office; this job, after all, was a special job indeed!

The young boy who had made the “wish” was 10-year-old Isaac, who has a life-threatening form of cerebral palsy that requires him to sit at a slant in his wheelchair to keep his airways open for breathing. Because of these complications of his cerebral palsy, Isaac spends most of his time staring at portions of the ceiling in his room – portions of ceiling that used to be completely blank. After David Nolan and his team from Imagine Dental Solutions got their hands on Isaac’s room, however, Isaac now has a stunning view wherever he turns!

Much of the ceiling in Isaac’s “new” room is covered with spaceships and fun space creatures, but the best part of all is the mural of Isaac and his family that is displayed prominently amidst the spaceships and space creatures!

While David Nolan and his team may not be able to do anything to improve Isaac’s cerebral palsy, they have been able to do something to make Isaac’s daily life a lot more fun, exciting, and captivating. And for a young boy like Isaac, this is truly a tremendous gift!