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Another Journey for Jacob Baird

Story written by: Demetrius Mason

Jacob Baird

Life is about working as hard as you can to make a difference in the world.  It is the one thing you can always strive to do, no matter the circumstances, and Jacob Baird is a shining example of this. 

Four-year-old Jacob is from North Somerset, England and has cerebral palsy, but that hasn’t stopped him from already taking on a tough task for charity.

When Jacob was two years old, his family managed to raise $106,000 for him to get surgery in America.  The surgery was done so that Jacob could walk and so far it has proven to be a success.  Since the life-altering surgery, he is now able to walk with the assistance of a walker. 

He was already an inspiration to so many but for Jacob there is still so much more to accomplish.

Currently, Jacob is trying to raise money for the Conduction Education Bristol and the North Somerset Portage service by walking across the Weston’s Grand Pier. The Grand Pier is an area in North Somerset which is 1,200 ft long.

“The two organizations we have chosen mean a great deal to us,” Jacob’s mother, Nicola said according to The Weston Mercury,  “They came onboard to support us as a family at a time when we didn’t really know what Jacob’s future would be, having just received his diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

“When thinking of a location there was only one venue that stood out for us, The Grand Pier.”

The walk, which is slated for July 1, has gained momentum thanks to Nicola.  She set up a fundraising page to support both of those services for their help over the past two years.  Their Facebook page has 180 likes already and they have already raised $440 with the goal being $600.

The portage service provides home visits for preschool children with extra educational needs while CE Bristol offers free sessions to children under five for kids with cerebral palsy.

With all of that in mind, Jacob is going to complete the longest walk of his life across the pier.  It is a truly great moment in itself, but when you add the fact that this is all for charity and it becomes magical. Still Jacob and Nicola remain humble and thankful for everything that they have gotten.

“None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the generosity of the Axentis Michael Charitable Trust and its wonderful donation when we were fund raising for Jacob’s surgery,” Nicola said.

People are invited to watch the event and everyone is wishing Jacob the best of luck.