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New “Fall Monitor” Device May Help Children with CP

Smart Fanny Pack Tracks Treatment Progress in Children with Cerebral Palsy

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Not many college sophomores have written and directed a feature-length movie in between going to class and hanging out with friends, and probably even fewer have done all of the work using only their nose or feet. This is just what Andrew Pilkington has accomplished, however. Because he was born with cerebral palsy, Andrew has […]

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The Story of Paul Stoiber

As twins often do, 12-year-olds Paul and Larry Stoiber share a passion for something: in their case, it’s ice hockey. Larry started playing the game when he was six, but for Paul, the fun didn’t start until a year later. This is because Paul has cerebral palsy and can’t play stand-up hockey like his brother. […]

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