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A Young Man with Cerebral Palsy Redefining “Limitations”

When Cody Noyes situated himself underneath the leg press machine in the Rec Center at Middle Tennessee State University with 485 pounds awaiting his attempt to set a new personal record, it might have looked like nothing more than a normal guy getting set to lift a large amount of weight. The fact that a […]

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A Footballer – With Cerebral Palsy

James Blackwell is a soccer player – or, what those in the UK would call a “footballer.” He makes no distinctions beyond this; he claims no qualifications to this statement; no, quite simply, he is a footballer. But while this certainly does a fair amount to tell the story of James Blackwell, it only tells […]

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Team Hoyt: Not Missing A Beat

Regardless of who you are, regardless of your path in life, and regardless of whether you deal with cerebral palsy yourself or instead simply know someone who deals with cerebral palsy – even, in fact, if you do not know a soul who deals with cerebral palsy – you have probably heard of Team Hoyt. […]

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