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Weekly Roundup: From Teacher Going to Great Heights to Showing Great Strength

A Teacher Goes to Great Heights The story of a teacher going above and beyond for one of her students for a class hiking trip has caught the entire country’s attention. Maggie Vazquez is a student at the Academy for Global Citizenship in Chicago. Maggie also suffers from cerebral palsy and needs a walker to […]

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Brothers Making a Difference

Two young boys have gone out and made an incredible difference in the community. Harry and Freddie Turnell are two brothers who have proven that anything can be done no matter the obstacles. Freddie is 13 years old, and his brother Harry is 14 and has cerebral palsy. As a result they wanted to help […]

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antonino bussa blackbelt

Antonino Bussa: From Master’s Degree to First-degree Black Belt

It takes great courage to try something completely out of your comfort zone. Antonino Bussa knows this all too well and because of that he doesn’t have this fear anymore. Antonino was born prematurely at seven months and has a mild form of cerebral palsy (CP). At the age of 40, with years and years […]

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