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kristien's life with cerebral palsy

Kristen’s Life with Cerebral Palsy

Kristen is a 30-year-old woman with cerebral palsy. Back in December 2010 she started a blog, Kristen’s Life with Cerebral Palsy, to help bring more awareness to this condition. In addition, Kristen’s best friend Linsey (who does not have CP) writes about what it’s like to have a friend with this condition.

Cerebral Palsy Baby

Shannon lives in Washington State with her husband and three children. Approximately 7 years ago her daughter, Darcie, was born at 28 weeks with Grade 4IVH. Her daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 11 months. Shannon’s blog, 
Cerebral Palsy Baby, tells of her daughters real life struggles and accomplishments.

A Life Without Limits Rollin Into the Future

Debbie is a 32 year old woman from Virginia.  Debbie describes her blog as, “a blog on how I live with cerebral palsy and not go insane.”   She wants to be an inspiration to those with disabilities to pursue their dreams.  She acknowledges that there are limitations that society places on those with disabilities and she highlights how she pushes through them.

Cerebral Palsy Family

Amy Hyndman is from Ohio. She chronicles the life of her 18 year old son Nick, and how they handle his disability, as a family.  She will tell you that they are not “experts” on cerebral palsy and “one size does not fit all,” but that she hopes that by sharing experiences and resources that others will share theirs too.

Teen Cerebral Palsy

Katy Fetters is a 19 year old from California. She has cerebral palsy and writes her blogs “for teens by teens.”  She wants her blog to be a place where you can talk about your successes and problems. You can ask her questions and she can relate to your issues.

The CP Diary

Jesse Bauer knew that she was different, but it took 46 years for a diagnosis of cerebral palsy to be made. She will tell you of her ups and downs and of the emotions she dealt with upon diagnosis. She also blogs that it is OK to be different

Outrageous Fortune

Shasta is a writer and stay-at-home mom, from Oregon, with twin boys, one of whom has cerebral palsy. She chronicles the diagnosis and feelings associated with it.  She gives insight into the daily struggles and triumphs.