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Boy Continues to Fundraise in Tribute to Friend with Cerebral Palsy

Story written by: Katie DePasquale

Connor Herrero is determined to make a difference in the name of friendship. Although he’s just 8 years old, Connor has been working hard since this past May to raise money to contribute toward the construction of an accessible playground in Pelham, AL. Called Carly’s Clubhouse, the playground is meant to be safe and fun for children of varied ages and levels of physical ability.

For Connor, this project is incredibly personal because his best friend, Connor Jacobs, passed away in May due to health problems stemming from his cerebral palsy. Initially, Connor decided to do a small fundraiser at Valley Intermediate and Valley Elementary schools, but after raising about $760 with that, he realized that he didn’t want to stop his efforts. (The playground needs about $800,000 in total to be built, and is currently in development and awaiting more donations; it has about $40,000.) So his mother, Ashlea, helped him create a GoFundMe page where he can continue to collect money in Connor J.’s name. He feels that it is the best way to honor his friend since they would have loved to play on the playground together.