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Brothers Making a Difference

Story written by: Demetrius Mason

Two young boys have gone out and made an incredible difference in the community. Harry and Freddie Turnell are two brothers who have proven that anything can be done no matter the obstacles. Freddie is 13 years old, and his brother Harry is 14 and has cerebral palsy. As a result they wanted to help other people with disabilities, so in 2017 they started Harry and Freddie’s Charity Golf day. The event was held at the Burnham and Berrow golf club in Somerset, England.

This year the event has grown even larger as Naga Munchetty of BBC News and John Inverdale of BBC Sports attended Harry and Freddie’s 2nd charity golf Day on May 3. 72 players went to the event even though the conditions weren’t the best for golfing. Celebrities going to the event and making the profile better known in only year two is incredible. Another feat is that the boys, with the help of their father Carl Turnell, have coordinated the money into good resources for those in need.

Last year the group raised € 6,000 (approximately $7,000 USD) and helped a boy named Nathan Freeman, who also has cerebral palsy, buy a new racing bike for his competitive sport. Now Nathan competes at a National level in the event and the boys have made as much money to help out another event in the future. One thing everyone agrees on is that this event needs a year 3.