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Bus Ride Photo Goes Viral for Student and Man with Cerebral Palsy

Story written by: Katie DePasquale

Bus Ride Photo Goes Viral for Student and Man with Cerebral Palsy

In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada several days ago, a 22-year-old college student named Godfrey Cuotto was taking what he thought would be an ordinary bus ride home.

As he sat in his seat, an older man named Robert, who is deaf and has cerebral palsy, sat down next to him and indicated that he wanted to shake hands. Godfrey obliged and then realized that Robert didn’t want to let go.

Although Godfrey says that he thought it was a “prank” at first, he gradually understood that Robert was stressed by the noise and distractions aboard the bus. Godfrey could easily have pulled away and left Robert on his own, but instead he quickly made the generous decision to continue to hold Robert’s hand for the entire 30-minute trip.

This act of kindness might have gone unnoticed if not for the fact that another passenger took a picture of it and posted it to Facebook with a statement thanking Godfrey for his generosity in comforting Robert. The post went viral, and a family member of Robert’s later contacted Godfrey to thank him.

Reflecting on his actions, Godfrey says simply, “Sometimes you just have to be selfless and put someone else’s needs above yours.” It is heartening to see someone so willing to follow through on that sentiment with action in order to help a stranger.