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Cerebral Palsy Blogs: Reading Your Way to a Community

Story written by: carol

It’s easy to find a wealth of information about cerebral palsy online. A quick search turns up an overwhelming jumble of facts and figures, lists of websites to comb through, and many reports to read. This is in addition to all of the information provided by doctors and nurses during appointments. However, all of these details leave out a crucial aspect of dealing with cerebral palsy: a community of people who understand on a visceral level what you’re going through.

That’s where cerebral palsy blogs come in. Do you want to read a story about the daily trials and triumphs of life with a child who has cerebral palsy? Are you longing to hear firsthand how it feels to be a teen dealing with classes and dating and surgery for your cerebral palsy at the same time? Do you need to commiserate with another adult with cerebral palsy who is tired of being negatively labeled by her differences? These blogs will give you insight into these situations and many more, and they will put you in touch with a virtual community of people who are going through the same sorts of experiences as you are.

(Note that this is clearly just a sample of what’s out there, and since blogs change all the time, the bloggers may at some point choose to stop writing. In addition, since these are people’s experiences and opinions, they may be religious or political.)

Parenting blogs:

  • Love That Max (lovethatmax.com) is a blog by Ellen Seidman, Max’s mom, who writes about her life raising her son with cerebral palsy, as well as many other things.
  • Into the Woods, Living Deliberately (jennyalice.com) is Jennifer Byde Myers’s blog about raising her pre-teen son, Jake, who has autism and cerebral palsy ataxia.
  • Bird on the Street (birdonthestreet.com) is Kate’s blog about raising her young kids, the oldest of whom, Charlie, has cerebral palsy.
  • Strong Enough To Be…(rachelcoleman.com) is a blog by Rachel Coleman, who is raising her two deaf daughters, the younger of whom, Lucy, also has cerebral palsy. In addition, Rachel is a co-creator of Signing Time, an educational series that teaches young children of all different ability levels how to use sign language to communicate.
  • Bringing the Sunshine (bringingthesunshine.com/) is Andi’s blog about raising a pre-teen daughter, Sarah Kate, with cerebral palsy and a son, Nathan, with Down’s syndrome.
  • Outrageous Fortune (outrageousfortune.net) is a blog by Shasta about her experiences with her two young twin boys, one of whom, Malachai, has cerebral palsy.
  • Unexpected Lessons (oialee.blogspot.com/) is Mo’s blog about raising her two young daughters, the older of whom, Oia, has cerebral palsy.

Blogs for teens:

  • Adventures of Me (nisha360.com) is a blog by Nisha Varghese, a young adult from East London, South Africa, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at six months old. She talks often about her journey toward independence in her posts and keeps a Gratitude Journal.
  • Teen Cerebral Palsy (teencerebralpalsy.com) is a blog started by Katy Fetters, a 20 year old with cerebral palsy. She encourages other teens with CP to contribute to the site to discuss common issues and concerns, and she has posted video blogs too.
  • Off Balanced: Putting the “Cerebral” in Cerebral Palsy (offbalanced.wordpress.com/) is Zachary Fenell’s blog to accompany his memoir of the same name. Although he is no longer a teen himself, Zach’s book is about growing up as a teen with cerebral palsy and some of the challenges he faced and overcame in high school.

Blogs for adults:

  • A Life Without Limits: Rollin’ Into the Future (alifewithoutlimitsrollinintothefuture.blogspot.com/) is 33-year-old Debbie’s blog about her cerebral palsy, her aspirations, and her positive approach to life.
  • Daddy Bent Legs (blog.daddybentlegs.com) is Neil Matheson’s blog about his life with cerebral palsy and becoming a father at age 40.
  • Do It Myself Blog (doitmyselfblog.com/) is written by Glenda Watson Hyatt and talks about her work, her life, and her cerebral palsy. She also talks about being married to a man with cerebral palsy.
  • Hedgehog Blog: Disabled Mom Parenting with Cerebral Palsy After Pregnancy (disabledmom.com/) is Katie’s blog about life while raising two kids and coping with the physical difficulties of cerebral palsy.
  • Living with Cerebral Palsy (livingcerebralpalsy.com) is 53-year-old Tina’s blog about living and aging with cerebral palsy.
  • The CP Diary (thecpdiary.com/) is written by Ilana, who was not officially diagnosed with cerebral palsy until she was 46 years old. She blogs about her life now and the power of having a name and a diagnosis for the difficulties she has faced over the years.