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Cruising On A New Set Of Wheels

Story written by: carol

Chris Brandt is a warrior. Those who know him applaud his indomitable spirit, his drive to chase life to the fullest, and his incredible desire to accomplish things that others in his position would never even dream of attempting to accomplish. The next task on his plate? A 250 mile bike ride!

Chris – who is now 14 years old – was born with cerebral palsy that, in many ways, prevents him from leading a “normal life.” As his father put it: Chris is unable to do the normal things a lot of kids can do. And yet, Chris has never really allowed this to stop him from doing what he sets out to do!

Of course, as much as Chris loves to buck the restrictions others assume he should have on his life, it’s not always easy for him to accomplish all he things he wants to accomplish. After all, with his cerebral palsy, he is limited in his physical capabilities, and in the tasks he can undertake. In fact, even this bike ride seemed like nothing more than a dream until a few weeks ago…

Because of his cerebral palsy, Chris requires a special bicycle in order to be able to ride. For years, he had been riding on a modified tricycle, but he had finally outgrown this tricycle, and the cost of replacing this with a new bicycle that would be fit for him to use was somewhere in the range of $1100. Just when it seemed like there was no available answer, however, Watermark for Kids – an organization that helps under-served children – stepped in to help. Not only did they provide Chris with a specially-designed bicycle that he can pedal, and that attaches to a regular or tandem bike, but they also covered the cost of the bicycle trip itself for Chris ($180), and even threw in $200 in gift cards for Chris to be able to purchase gear for the trip itself!

For the past several weeks, Chris has been hopping on his bike several days each week, building up his strength and preparing for this ride that he will undertake with a team of teenagers and adults from his church. This was something that was unthinkable just a few weeks ago – but now, with the help of Watermark for Kids, it is just one more thing Chris can say he has accomplished…just one more thing that he has conquered in his life!