A Comprehensive Cerebral Palsy Resource

Family Vacation Ideas And Tips

Story written by: carol

Do you long to trek through the unknown? Do you have a list of things and places you’ve always wanted to see? A disability is no reason to miss out on the amazing experiences you have while traveling! You may need to put in a little more time upfront to plan it, but with all of the options available these days, you can definitely have a dream vacation.

Whether it’s you or your family member who has cerebral palsy, your first priority (after choosing a destination) is making sure that the vacation and the travel itself will accommodate your needs. Since doing this requires wading through a lot of information and conducting a lot of searches, here are some of our favorite places to start. If you want to go beyond this list, just look up “accessible travel” or “disabled travel,” and you’ll have plenty of reading to do.

Disabled travelers.com—Founded by a man whose older sister has cerebral palsy, this website has so much excellent information that it’s hard to summarize. In well-divided sections, it covers finding a travel agent, finding a tour company, how to take an adventurous trip, what travel products you might want (for example, a collapsible bathroom chair), and home exchanges. This list only scratches the surface of what’s here, though, so you should go browse around and see what you can find to help you plan your own trip anywhere in the world!

Disabledtravelersguide.com—This website welcomes you with the inspirational story of Nate and Nancy Berger and the people who helped them travel through Uganda to see gorillas. Despite Nancy’s need for a wheelchair, they were able to hike through the jungle to accomplish their goal, and their site gives tips on how you can do the same. With things like a helpful how-to list for planning your trip, and travel information and links divided up by country, this is a great resource for making your dream trip come true.

Disabilitlytravel.com—Accessible www.independenttraveler.com/travel-tips/senior-travel/disabled-travel is a company that has specialized in wheelchair-accessible trips since 1985. Their website provides details and photo galleries for vacations to different countries, for their travel companion program, and a list of wheelchair travel tips. They also have a newsletter and travel blog, plus their own list of resources.

Independenttraveler.comThis website lists some great tips for preparing for a vacation (such as researching physicians in the city or country you’re visiting) and also has a few helpful links at the end of the article.

Cruisecritic.com—If a cruise is your ideal break from the ordinary, check out this website for a list of how-tos for a successful cruise vacation, plus detailed reviews of some of the best cruises for the disabled.

Tsa.gov— Honestly, this is the least fun website but one of the most necessary because it gives you the lowdown on air travel with a disability. Dealing with the TSA is nerve-wracking for everyone, but it will be less stressful if you browse this site and know what to expect. There are guidelines given for dealing with everything from difficulty walking or standing to children with disabilities to autism, and there is also information about how to get a TSA Notification Card, which discreetly lets a TSA agent know what medical disability you or your family member has.