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Homecoming Queen with Cerebral Palsy Sets Example for School

Story written by: Katie DePasquale

Madison Tyree is still in disbelief. The high school girl was thrilled and stunned to recently win the crown of homecoming queen at Jeff Davis County High School. She may not look like the typical homecoming queen in some ways because Madison is blind and has cerebral palsy. But those things don’t define her in her own mind or in the minds of her classmates, and they never have. Madison is a top student who plays in the band and is popular among the other students because, as her friend Bailey Metts says, “She just brightens your day.” Madison’s kindness and friendliness are what others think of when they think of her, and that’s why she was voted homecoming queen to resounding cheers and support. Bailey explained, “You just saw her name on the list and knew she deserved it….Everybody felt that way….We wanted her to represent this school because of the type of person she is.”

Madison is looking forward to wearing her crown at prom. She is thankful that everyone wanted to vote for her. It’s indicative of her personality that she didn’t vote for herself though: instead, she voted for Bailey. Since Bailey was runner up, the two will be able to celebrate as part of the homecoming court together. And Madison’s win is a reminder to the entire community to look past a person’s disabilities or disorders to see the whole person.