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Iowa Boy to Attend Luke Bryan Concert Thanks to Viral Video

Joseph, a third grader from Mason City, Iowa, loves country music, especially the songs of his favorite singer, Luke Bryan. That’s why he made a video with the help of his teachers when he found out that Luke will be playing at the UNI Dome at the end of February, asking Luke to come and meet him and his classmates at Roosevelt Elementary School. In the video, Joseph talks about some of the challenges he’s faced in his life, from dealing with the health problems that come from having cerebral palsy, seizures, and hydrocephalus, to the loss of his family’s home and car in a 2013 flood. His story combined with his upbeat attitude about everything he’s endured helped his video to go viral, and although Luke isn’t coming to his school, now Joseph and his mother have VIP tickets to go to the concert thanks to a generous donor. Hopefully this will lead to Joseph getting to meet the superstar in person, but either way he’s thrilled to see his favorite musician perform.