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Lifetime Benefits

Who Qualifies for Lifetime Benefits?

Not every child born with cerebral palsy qualifies for lifetime benefits because many cases of cerebral palsy are not the result of medical malpractice. But if you believe negligence or outright mistakes played any role in your child’s condition, it is worth looking into the possibility of getting lifetime benefits as it could significantly reduce your personal financial burden.

As mentioned above, there are some circumstances that suggest your child would be eligible for lifetime benefits, including untreated maternal illnesses like German measles, untreated infant illnesses like jaundice, seizures, and oxygen loss for the baby during labor or delivery. (For a full list of cerebral palsy causes)

If you are considering pursuing lifetime benefits for your child, it is worth retaining a lawyer who specializes in cerebral palsy birth injury cases because then you will get the help you need in sorting through the complicated legal and medical issues surrounding your individual case.