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Man Shares Love Of Cooking

Story written by: carol

Cooking is both a life skill and an art. It can be a relaxing activity that allows people to express themselves while doing something useful. For Matthew Miller of Culpeper, VA, all of these things are true, but it’s something more that prompted him to write his new cookbook, just published by Balboa Books in March: his cerebral palsy.

Growing up with mild cerebral palsy, Matthew had to contend with muscle control difficulties while learning to write and cook, but he didn’t let that stop him from doing the two things he loves. He has combined them well in his cookbook, which addresses the challenges of cooking with a physical disability by dealing with those challenges head on. He advises readers on how to deal with common issues that arise in the kitchen, such as using a funnel whenever a recipe calls for pouring a liquid in case a tremor causes your hand to be unsteady. It is these kinds of tips that make his cookbook uniquely useful to the disabled community. As he said, “I realized that when I was looking through cookbooks there weren’t any cookbooks for people with disabilities. So I thought I could help other people living with disabilities by trying to make the recipes simpler.”

All of his life, Matthew has been determined to meet his goals, whether learning keyboarding with one hand, making his favorite chocolate butterscotch pudding cake, or getting a Master’s in human relations. His patience and perseverance have certainly paid off with the publication of his book.