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LAPD Goes Above and Beyond for Boy with Cerebral Palsy

Earlier this year we told you about Geovanni Ramirez, a 10-year-old Los Angeles boy with cerebral palsy whose leg braces were stolen when thieves broke into his mother’s car. In a heartwarming update to his story, the Los Angeles Police Department officers who took on his case were able to give his family a check […]

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Store Purchases Special Cart for Shopper with Cerebral Palsy

Grocery shopping with small children can be a stressful experience for any parent, but for the parents of children with disabilities, it is more than the stress of keeping a child entertained and well-behaved. In particular, children with physical challenges cannot sit in typical shopping carts, and their moms and dads must contend with both […]

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Man with Cerebral Palsy Thrilled to Play in Orchestra

A 21-year-old British man with severe cerebral palsy is about to fulfill a longtime dream: he’s going to play music for an audience. Bradley Warwick has loved music since he was little and his father encouraged him to listen to it as a means of connection and relaxation. But he didn’t think that he would […]

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It is suspected that many cases of cerebral palsy are a direct result of preventable birth injuries. In cases of negligent medical care, obtaining answers to what happened and why are not easily obtained, which is why we strongly urge people to obtain a reputable personal injury lawyer.. Here are just a few law firms that handle birth injury cases: