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Shriners Children’s Hospitals Screen for Free Medical Care in CA

At the end of January, a special event took place in Yucca Valley, CA: the Shriners Children’s Hospital held a screening of local children to determine who qualified for their program of free medical care. Held at a Masonic Lodge, doctors and nurses from Shriners showed up to talk to children with cerebral palsy, among other conditions, and their families and to figure out if any of them would qualify for the free treatments Shriners facilities can provide.

Several children, such as seven-year-old Zahraa Mohammed Alanbari and nine-year-old Von Gordon, did meet the requirements and will receive free medical care for their cerebral palsy from Shriners, which specializes in pediatric care for children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate. Their families were understandably thrilled to be included in the program because the typical costs for this sort of care can number in the tens of thousands of dollars. Hopefully with the assistance of this program, these children will be able to better deal with their disorder.