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Small Acts of Kindness, Making a Major Impact

If you are not familiar with the Kiwanis Club, you may not be aware of all the things they do. After all, a large amount of the focus from the Kiwanis Club is on doing the little things that others are overlooking to help children and the community, and the very nature of this approach to helping others (doing “the little things that others are overlooking”) leads to these acts of kindness going unnoticed. But for those individuals who are the beneficiaries of the Kiwanis Club’s mission of ‘improving the world one child and one community at a time,’ the positive impact of the Kiwanis Club tends to be valued at a very high level indeed.

An excellent example of this is the recent purchase the Kiwanis Club of New Holland made for 2-year-old Drew Humphreys. What kind of purchase did they make? Well, as you might expect, it was a purchase that others might think very little of – a purchase that enough people thought “little of” that no one had yet made the purchase themselves. It was a swing for a local playground…a special swing, designed to help young children like Drew who have special requirements.

Drew has been diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, but one of the things his mother Nicole noticed when taking Drew to the park along with his three older siblings was that Drew watched his siblings with a clear desire to join them in their fun – a desire to get out there and play on the playground just like them. Drew’s smile grew especially large when his siblings played on the swings…and yet, the swings designed for able-bodied toddlers were not sturdy, safe, or secure enough for Nicole to be able to allow Drew to join in the fun. While watching her other children play freely one afternoon, however, Nicole had a thought: What if there were a swing designed for children like Drew? How great that would be for him!

When she went home that day, she began to research, and she discovered that such swings do, in fact exist…however, they cost nearly $500, and on top of that, Nicole would have no place to hang the swing if she purchased it herself.

This was where the Kiwanis Club stepped in! They decided to purchase the $490 swing – a bright red reclining swing that is a sturdy 125 pounds and includes a safety harness and straps – and to have this swing installed at the New Holland Community Memorial Park Timbers Playground.

While others may fail to recognize the massive impact a small act of kindness such as this can have, a few members of the Kiwanis Club have been fortunate enough to see Drew swinging on this swing…and seeing the electric smile on Drew’s face as he joins in the playground fun is confirmation enough that the impact of these acts of kindness is far greater than most people might imagine – is far greater, even, than the members of the Kiwanis Club perhaps even imagined themselves!